Limelight Checkout Plugin

A totally customizable checkout form that can be dropped anywhere, on any page. Supports custom confirmation pages, coupon codes, and add-on items!

Drag and Drop Form Builder

The intuitive form builder lets you select the exact information you need to collect from your customers.

Multi-step forms, add-ons, and coupons can all be easily managed using the Limelight Checkout plugin. 

Handles Various Purchasing Options

Whether you need to create subscriptions, create and manage licenses, create user accounts, or add one-click upsells, the Limelight Checkout plugin makes it super easy to do. 

Works with Major Payment Processors

Integrates with, Stripe, and PayPal!

Checkout Plugin

Put Checkout Forms Anywhere
$ 97
  • Put Custom Checkout Forms on Any Page
  • Add-On Items, One-Click Upsells, Subscriptions, and More!
  • Unlimited Tech Support

Limelight Theme

Get the Theme and Both Plugins
$ 225
  • Code Free Site Building
  • All Limelight Plugins
  • Unlimited Tech Support
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